Commitment to Sustainability

EasyShake recognizes that we only have one planet.  As a single-serve portion pack (SSPP) supplier, we are constantly thinking about ways we can reduce our environmental footprint while still delivering convenience and helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We are steadfast in our commitment to environmental sustainability.  We refused to make our pods out of anything but 100% HDPE recyclable plastic material for this reason, which is one of the most widely used plastic resins today (e.g. milk jugs, condiment bottles, etc.)

Single-serving coffee pods have been a particular point of focus because of their low recycle rate and high-rate of improper recycling (with coffee grounds inside still).  Unlike coffee pods, which require prior removal of the coffee grounds/netting on the inside of the pod before recycling, the EasyShake pods wash out clean/empty after each use.  Since there is no need for "recycling preparation", this means EasyShake pods won't contribute to the high rate of unrecyclable materials mistakenly placed into the recycling process chain.

Humanity is facing a challenge to improve the unfortunately low success rate of recycling certain resins/plastics in today's world.  Due to the common use in household products, recycled HDPE is in high demand and accepted by the vast majority of recycling companies, even in rural areas. The solution is complex, highly dependent on region and includes many hurdles such as: reducing contamination caused by food products with residue that should not be recycled (e.g. coffee pods with grounds still inside), transporting/processing recycled materials from remote locations, and increasing the amount of recycled material (rather than discarded recyclables) to make the recycling process more economically viable.

Many people believe that the choice has to exist between the convenience of single-serving products, and the sustainability of their packaging.  We believe that we can accomplish both.... Our goal is to transition our pods to 100% bio-plastics composition by 2024. The path will not be easy, but it will be a worthwhile one...  If product packaging can be made to quickly naturally decompose, the challenge of efficiently transporting and processing plastics for recycling can be eliminated.

Certain advanced bio-plastics available today are made to completely biodegrade in landfills within 1 year of their (empty/used) deposit, compared to traditional plastics that take many times longer when discarded to the trash, rather than being properly recycled.  The material's ability to be thermoformed, strength, flexibility, durability, weight, moisture resistance, sealing capability, reliable supply chain(s), sourcing availability and total costs are among some of the challenges that lie ahead to solve as we embark on this transition.  

EasyShake wants to lead by example and promote awareness about the proper way to recycle plastics and how we as a planet can use these new bio-plastics to reduce long-term waste accumulation on land and at sea.  When we founded Healthy Concepts our vision was: "Healthy Concepts, Healthy You, Healthy Planet."  We intend on fulfilling the promise of that vision when given the chance to do so. 

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