EasyShake Protein Shake Pod nutrition information per each serving

EasyShake Pod Nutrition Facts

Each of our delicious Pod flavors have the same lean & healthy nutritional profile with 15g of Protein and only 1g of Sugar + 1g of Fat

- Chocolate Brownie

- Vanilla Caramel

- Mocha Café

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  • The food pyramid has changed

    How we view nutrition has adapted over the years (1) as we have learned more about the health benefits of eating a proper diet, and protein plays an increasingly important role

  • We lack high quality protein diets

    FDA studies show most Americans meet their protein needs, but do not consume enough dairy ("complete") proteins (2) which contain adequate amounts of essential amino acids

  • And we skip having breakfast...

    Every day, nearly one quarter of Americans will skip breakfast (3). Experts say (4) protein with breakfast energizes your mind, raises cognitive function, concentration & memory

  • Essential amino acids (BCAA's)

    A key part of complete protein sources, whey protein powder is rich in amino acids which function as body metabolites and even help improve neurotransmission in your brain (5)

  • It's good for aches & sore muscles

    Multiple studies have shown the amino acids in whey protein decrease muscle soreness and increase muscle performance & recovery (6) in both athletes (7) & non-athletes (8) alike

  • And can help prevent muscle loss

    A common side effect of prolonged illness and best rest, especially in older adults. Essential amino acids were found to prevent muscle breakdown & preserve lean body mass (910)

  • Help Reduce Hunger Cravings

    Whey is highly satiating (filling), since protein is the most filling of the three major macro-nutrients: protein, fat, carbs (11). Whey is even more satiating than other proteins (1213)

  • Enhance your antioxidant defenses

    Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress & lower the risk of various chronic diseases (1415). Whey is high in cysteine (amino acid) which promotes natural antioxidant production (16)

  • Reduce Inflammation & IBD symptoms

    Whey reduces C-reactive protein, a key marker of inflammation in the body (17) and has been found to have beneficial effects on Crohn's and inflammatory bowel disease [IBD] (18)

  • Have beneficial effects on blood fats

    Studies show that daily use of whey protein powder can lead to significant reduction in both total and LDL [bad] cholesterol (1920)

  • Contribute to lower blood pressure

    Numerous studies have linked consumption of dairy products with reduced blood pressure (2122) from high levels of ACE-inhibitors (23)

  • Help with treating type 2 diabetes

    Whey protein has a preferential lipid-lowering effect (24) It's linked to decreased glucose (25) levels & it's healthy for breakfast or lunch (26)

  • Whey is a high-quality protein source

    It contains all nine essential amino acids that you must get through your diet. They’re vital for functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair, plus your hormone and enzyme production (27)

  • Experts in Nutrition all agree on Whey

    Simply put: “They’re an easy and convenient source of complete, high-quality protein,” says Carole Conn, PhD, associate professor of nutrition at the University of New Mexico (28)

  • EasyShake makes protein shakes easy!

    Whether you use breakfast or protein shakes to prevent muscle loss, improve mood, sleep, athletic performance or weight loss (29), let EasyShake help you achieve your goals today!