Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of these FAQ's to see if we can help put your mind at ease...

1.) Are the EasyShake Pods and System easy to clean?

Unlike coffee pods which require removal of the netting and coffee grounds prior to recycling, EasyShake pods are ready to recycle with no preparation!

The EasyShake system is made to have the least amount of clean-up possible.  Our revolutionary patented shake pod is made of recyclable plastic, and since the Pod washes out clean it is immediately recycle-ready after mixing is complete!

2.) How quickly does my EasyShake prepare each drink?

The EasyShake system prepares one 14 fluid oz. beverage in approximately 20 seconds, allowing you to make and share several delicious shakes with your friends and family in just a couple minutes!

3.) Do I need to use a specific type of cup or glass down below?

Nope! Pick your favorite drinking cup, water bottle, or tall glass - just make sure it can hold ~16 ounces (1 pint) of liquid so your 14 oz. drink doesn't spill over!

4.) Does the EasyShake system come with pods?

Yes! Each EasyShake System is delivered with a 8-pod Variety Pack to start, so that each customer can taste all the flavors before choosing their favorite one

5.) How many pods come in an EasyShake Pod Pack?

EasyShake single-serving pods come in 8-Pod Pack and 24-Pod Pack sizes.

6.) Is there a discount for Pod Pack Subscriptions?

Absolutely! EasyShake is happy to offer 10% off for all pods purchased by our subscription customers with their recurring auto-delivery plan enabled.

7.) Does my brand of protein powder come in EasyShake pods?

Right now only EasyShake brand protein powder pods are available for purchase.  However, we intend to partner with protein powder, nutritional shake and powdered meal replacement suppliers to quickly increase the selection of pods available for purchase! To request your favorite brand and flavor, please send us an email at:

8.) Does EasyShake offer vegan or plant-based protein powder options?

Not yet, this is high on our priority list of product lines that we will be adding.  We want to make sure that we can select and partner with a plant-based protein powder manufacturer who we can trust and who offers a high quality product that we can stand-behind and be proud to call our own.  If you're waiting for this option to be available before you purchase, reach out and let us know at:

9.) How does an EasyShake's protein shake pod compare to a meal replacement drink?

Most nutritionists would agree that a well-rounded meal replacement drink or supplement has to include more carbohydrates than any traditional protein shake has in it, whether it is EasyShake or any other brand. Protein shakes are excellent sources of clean energy and fit well with low-carb diets such as the ketogenic diet and others.  EasyShake is a great way to nutritiously supplement a healthy well-rounded diet, but is not intended to be used solely for your only means of sustenance. Be good to your body, and it will be good to you!

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